What is the difference between 1-ply and 2-ply cotton fabrics?

Two-ply cotton fabrics feel silkier and make a more comfortable shirt. Two threads are twisted together to make one yarn. This yarn is then lightly woven, creating a very smooth and strong fabric.

What is better in tailor-made clothes which is not there in ready made clothes?

Tailor made clothes are made as per your body specification and ready made or off the rack clothes are made in factory with standard sizes. Here at Ash Tailor Suit, shirt and pants are customized as per your body and specifications.

What is difference between custom made clothes and made to measure clothes?

Custom made clothes are also called bespoke clothes. Bespoke or Custom made suit at Ash Custom tailor are made from starch with high end fabrics from famous mills to pattern cutting on paper for every single client. For a suit, We take 24 different body measurements inconsideration along with each and every small detail selected with your personal choice. On the other hand made-to-measure suit would be cut, usually by machine, from an existing pattern, and then it is adjusted as per the meausrements of person.

What should I do If I haven’t received my complete order?

Sometimes we ship the order in 2 parts. Just send us an email if it happens. We will trace back your rest of order and inform you.

How long does it take to receive the order?

It takes about 6-8 weeks from the order placed date. We can deliver sooner in special and urgent cases.

Do you share the customer details with any other third parties?

No we strictly don’t share any of our client’s details with any third parties. We keep records only for our files.

Which countries do you travel in order to take the measurements and fittings?

We showcase our collection all over the world. Our active markets are Australia, Canada, Europe, New Zealand, Mexico, United Kingdom and United States.

Do you visit at home and offices for appointments?

Yes, our professionals do visit at home and offices if there are your friends or other colleagues too interested in getting custom clothes. We make clothes for coorporates.

Where is my order being tailored?

Your ordered is tailored in our own workshops in Kowloon Hong Kong.

What are corporate services of Ash Custom tailor?

Ash Custom tailor helps many corporates to make clothes for employees with their personal fit and measurements yet having a uniform corporate image. We have corporate services available all over the world.

For further information or appointment please email us :

Do you keep the measurements on the file?

Yes we do keep the complete record of size, style and fabrics in our records.This helps you in reordering in future with

Do I have to get measured every time?

No,if you have not gained or lost weight. We keep file of all your measurements, fabrics and style selected. In this case your measurements remain same and you can place order again.

How will I repeat my order if I have gained or lost weight?

Ash Custom Tailor Tailor keeps all the records in file. In case if you have lost or gained weight then its better to re measure you once and then the new orders will follow the new measurements.

Do you provide alterations in case if clothes doesn’t fit?

Yes we do provide alterations free of charge.

Do I have to pay any custom or duties?

No you don’t have to pay any custom or duties. Our prices are including custom and duties. There will be no additional charges to be paid by you.

Is there any minimum order?

There is minimum quantity only for shirts.Minimum order for shirts is 3.Rest of products like pants, jackets, suits etc you can order any quantity.

Is it possible to contact someone, if I have some questions?

Yes certainly. We do have our customer service to answer your queries.

You can reach us by email:

Whatsapp +852-9798-0401

(Monday to Saturday—10 am to 7 pm)

I have some clothes in my wardrobe which fits me well or I like the style. Can you duplicate them?

Yes, we can make exactly same as your sample. We can give you the same fit as well as style. It depends on what you want to duplicate, the fit or style.

Do you make ladies suits?

Yes do make the ladies suits. It requires appointment to check body specifications, style and fit. We can duplicate the clothes for ladies if there is any favorite garment which fits well.

Does gift card of Ash Custom Tailor ltd expire?

All our gift cards are valid for 1 year from the date it is purchased.